About Us

Flying Eyes is a revolutionary brand of patented sunglasses invented and developed in the USA by Dean Siracusa, who has first-hand experience of the discomfort and noise-leaking gaps caused by poorly designed sunglassesDean spent over a year experimenting with designs and working with eyewear experts, and the end result was a brand of sunglasses that he was confident would be the absolute best to wear with an aviation headset.

Turns out, Flying Eyes are fantastic for aviation. And also for motorcycles, equestrian, aviation ground crews, racing pit crews, and many other uses imaginable. Anything you love to do that needs both eye protection and a helmet or headset. Or where you just don’t want your sunglasses flying off at an inopportune moment.

The entire range of Flying Eyes sunglasses is now available in South Africa through an exclusive agreement with Rayviation International. Ray van der Watt, the owner of Rayviation International is a commercial helicopter pilot who has been searching for a suitable replacement pair of sunglasses for several years. After discovering the features and comfort of Flying Eyes, he decided to share this great product with as many people as possible. Give it a try. Your ears will thank you!